Priority ERP

Priority – Israel’s leading ERP system!


Over 7,000 leading organizations across 40 different countries with over 200,000 end users have chosen Priority!

Our customers represent a wide range of industries and areas of business activity.

The greatness of the software lies in its technological infrastructures, its high adaptability and software development possibilities, and its methodology of implementation for quick, smooth assimilation – bringing your company to a stable state of work within the shortest possible time, at reasonable costs.

The idea is to provide our customers with a full, comprehensive solution adapted to the nature of the business and its users while giving a sense that the system was written and developed for it and for its business needs. The software is adapted to operate in the SME market – the category of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


The new 17.1 version

The new Priority user interface provides an intuitive and easy to use user experience. The product’s assimilation process with new users is streamlined, and the learning curve for new users is shortened.

The home page may be edited and cosmeticized, according to user preferences; in other words, each user can customize his own home page screen according to the actions he or she performs.

The standard icons added, make using the software easy to learn and understand.

Users’ preferred actions may be presented upon entering the system, enabling an intuitive navigation process for documents more commonly used.

Furthermore, a global, entire system search feature has been added. This includes an auto-complete mechanism for quick retrieval of documents, including presenting search results sorted according to different document types. The navigation menu has been moved to the upper part of the screen.

Support of Apple: working on Mac and iPad is enabled (with mobile application downloaded for free from the AppStore).





Download a list of new version features
Guide to navigating in the new interface

Why Priority?


The advanced architecture and technology enable implementation and assimilation of the system in a smooth, quick process. The tool for the conversion of included data enables a quick, efficient transition with a minimum of “suffering” for users.
Low, considering the depth of the product, and compared to other ERP systems.
Priority is definitely the largest, leading system in Israel for overall business management, for large and medium-sized organizations, with a very large number of users from a wide variety of industries. 30 years of proven experience make Priority a stable, secure solution that provides accurate data for decision makers in the organization.
Priority is the multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-lingual solution, suitable for any business.
Priority offers a wide range of customization options  from various organizational purposes to the individual user level. Users may easily adapt the software to their specific needs by defining business rules, compiling menus, and creating various screens, unique reports, and more.
Intuitive and user-friendly, enabling a short learning curve, and working on mobile devices from any location
The system is based on HTML5, and enables working on a secured internet infrastructure too.
Based on modular architecture, users may choose only the relevant systems required for each business and industry
The option of relatively easy addition of private software developments, including full SDK and support of common APIs, will assist in realization of business objectives.
The BI model includes a list of multi-dimensional control panels, enabling quick access to and in-depth analysis of various data by simply clicking a few keys
Priority ERP
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