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Retail chain and POS management system


EDEA together with Priority Software (business partners since 1997) have developed the perfect and most advanced software in Israel for managing a chain of stores on one system with a minimum of malfunctions.

The system was developed as an inherent part of the Priority ERP software. It includes within it the activity of all retail organization employees: the computerized POS (cash register) and store workers at the organization’s sales front, company executives in the head office, and various personnel dealing in purchasing and logistics, bookkeeping, accounting, and inventory until the warehouse workers. PrioriPOS is, in essence, an end-to-end solution in a single language.

The direct, synergistic connection of the cash register to the ERP system cancels the need for a head office network center system, thus saving the database layer, software, and interfaces that exist in competitor software.

EDEA essentially provides an integrative system that provides real time data, in all required aspects, for all end users in the organization, on a single platform, with a minimum of malfunctions and easy, convenient operation.



The company’s project managers, its advanced technology, and the product’s implementation methodology are significant advantages in choosing the system:


You will be working vis-à-vis project managers well familiar with the needs of your business.
Your will receive a detailed, professional characterization, adapted to the needs of your company, with solutions on the highest level.
Our project managers have a great deal of accumulated experience for implementing the solution in your company too.
These products have been developed in the company while providing solutions to major, leading retail chains in the market.


All of these will provide you, the customer, with full commercial value for the money invested in this system. Our company’s motto is to provide our customers with right tools at the right time, with which to lead in their area of business.



The software was developed with advanced technological tools (such as WCF, .NET, HTML5) in a Microsoft environment, combining high capability of working online in conjunction with the ERP system. Updating of the central database (SQL) of the Priority ERP system is not performed with software interfaces rather by direct writing: technology that prevents a great deal of transmission malfunctions between the POS in the store and the network center.



Despite its being an integrative system working in real time, PrioriPOS was developed with the ability to work in full survivability, even during communications cut-offs, and during infrastructure and hardware failure of the network center.



The software does this by managing a log of all transactions created during the communication cut-off, and their full restoration upon renewal of the connection with the network center. In addition, a local database is installed on store’s cash register computer. During malfunctions, it provides the cash register system with infrastructure data such as items catalog, customers, sales campaigns, pricelists, and more.


Being a trans-organizational system, PrioriPOS gives you the most important business capabilities:

To control, monitor, and manage in a consolidated, smart, easy to use and technologically advanced manner..


At this point, the importance of the provider and support companies enter the equation: EDEA and Priority Software.

Both companies employ highly skilled professionals, experienced in both the ERP and the retailing and system worlds. This experience gives you, the customer, access to a broad base of capabilities whic25h including consulting, characterization, implementation, development, and of course around-the-clock support for the product by the support centers.

We realize just how critical support is for a retail chain’s cash register system, and understand that service is the most important part of the business relationship with customers; hence, our efforts in continuously monitoring and improving our service capabilities, in consultation with the customers.


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