Working on the EDEA cloud – SaaS

With the development of technology, and stabilization of internet networks, an increasing need has arisen for managing organizational information beyond companies’ physical boundaries.

Today’s organizational IT industry is very broad-based, requiring critical attention to issues such as:

  • online availability anytime, anywhere
  • large storage
  • transmission and retrieval of data and information in fixed orientations
  • ongoing maintenance
  • reasonable costs for overall activity

EDEA is pleased to launch its SaaS solution for small and medium-sized customers on cloud computing, for the institutional and retail market both in Israel and abroad.



So what is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a state in which a virtual server simulates an actual physical server. Any software or operating system may be installed on it, defining the required hardware resources, such as: processors, discs, memory, etc. Working on a cloud essentially simulates an internet network, in which the data center and business logic of the organization are on the server farm on virtual machines, connected to the distant end users on internet infrastructures, thus saving us a great deal of maintenance, backup, and operations work.


  • Access to information anytime, anywhere on web infrastructures through Chrome or Explorer browsers
  • Security for your information
  • Better access and control of information and data
  • Good communication between company employees in Israel and abroad
  • Flexibility in the use of resources (hardware and software)
  • Option of working on tablet and smartphone



With the development and expansion of customer activity and volume, hardware and software resources may be increased, and monthly costs will be adjusted accordingly i.e. the customer’s initial activity on the EDEA cloud may be conservative, relatively inexpensive and moderate, and later increased to a degree corresponding to business growth, without paying in advance.


  • Construction and maintenance of infrastructures
  • Construction of intra-organizational networks, also connected to external VPN networks
  • Scanning and removal of viruses, management of anti-spam networks and server monitoring
  • Easier backup and information recovery
  • Locating malfunctions before that affect the end user, owing to ongoing maintenance
  • Quick, effective recovery from malfunctions
  • Operating system maintenance
  • DBA database support services
  • Latest versions at any given time corresponding to existing for both ERP and retail software
  • Annual support service for software used, and more



Method of payment: monthly standing order including all annual service costs i.e. the customer will have a fixed costs according to which he may plan his business management.



  • Purchase of ERP Priority software
  • Purchase of POS software – computerized cash register
  • Purchase of back office software
  • Purchase of SQL database software
  • Purchase of Windows operating systems
  • Installation of software on designated servers
  • Purchase of server computer and routine maintenance including hardware upgrades
  • Savings on cost of communications infrastructure of POS to VPN server
  • DBA database maintenance service – included
  • Operating system maintenance – included
  • Costs of electricity for server room AC – per month and per annum
  • Savings on personnel usually operating the working environments and servers


Priority ERP
Retail & POS
SAAS in cloud
Mobile & Ecommerce