Cross Pay – Gift Card

Cross Pay – Gift Card


The CrossPay system is an integrative solution from EDEA for full management and control of gift cards and reloadable cards used by retail chains. The system constitutes a unique, advanced solution for managing the monetary obligations of a business vis-à-vis its retail customers through full control of the chain, with no need for any outsourced services.


The system is used for:

  • Issue of single-use gift cards for cash register customers
  • Issue of a series of cards for institutional customers under trade contracts
  • Issue of reloadable gift cards according to variable sums
  • Management of crediting given at the cash registers on prepaid cards



Since the system is integrated with the Priority system and PrioriPOS cash registers, it has clear advantages over outsourced services:


  • Multi-company system
  • Full control of card issue
  • Full control of card status
  • Immediate availability for addition of cards
  • Making issue of cards conditional on accounting documents and defined authorizations
  • Online tracking of card movements
  • Connectivity to existing customer club and attribution of customer to card
  • Full connectivity and control in managing financial movement
  • Defining of accounting fund for each card group
  • Control and management of financial obligations on the level of each card group, and institutional customers
  • Management of cash register crediting on the reloadable card system
  • Automatic extension of validity when reloading in accordance with the new credit law regulations


Cross Pay is a service provided at a regular monthly fee to the cash register and the branch. Its cost does not depend of the number of transactions and cards produced and managed by the system. This method of charging saves cost calculations for each marketing campaign or collaboration the chain creates based on the reloadable card solution